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Canine anal gland cellulitus

Infection and Inflammation of the anal sac leading to Anal Sac abscess or cellulitis. Anal sacculitis can have a variety of predisposing factors including obesity, diet, skin disease, colitis and perianal swelling. The anal sacs are enlarged and inflamed and often painful. Typically owners report that the animal has been licking the perineal region and scooting. Contents of the anal sac may appear bloody, purulent and may be increased in volume, fever may be present if the sacculitis is severe. If the anal sac ruptures, the tracts will be at the 4 or 8 o'clock positions. See Anal Sac Disease - General for further signs.
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Anal sacs: a new approach to an old problem?

Canine anal gland cellulitus
Canine anal gland cellulitus
Canine anal gland cellulitus
Canine anal gland cellulitus
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Anal Sacculitis - WikiVet English

This article explains what they are, and how to treat anal gland problems in dogs. Anal glands are not technically glands, in fact; they are small sacs filled with glandular cells that produce a potent yellow fluid consisting of both oils and sweat. This fluid flows through two small tubes in the dog's body that open on either side of the anus. The obstruction, often referred to as anal gland problems in dogs, means that the liquid inside of the sacs builds up and ultimately can result in infection, and rupture of the sacs themselves. If there's a dog anal gland problem, you may see the following symptoms:.
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Anal Sacculitis

Essential oil clinical research and serial case studies over the last 20 years reveal tremendous success in all stages of anal gland disease in both dogs and cats. Biologically-active essential oils , or essential oils with a strict adherence to GMP and QC standards above the industry standards, are capable of changing the environment of anal gland cells and tissues. With attention to oil quality and the technique used, specific protocols have proven consistently successful in restoring the gland to normal function, with minimal side effects. Given the pathophysiology of anal gland tumors, the use of specific essential oil techniques are warranted early in the progression of cancer pathologies, lessening the need for manual expression. Considering the possibility of iatrogenically-caused anal sacculitis and cellulitis especially with external expression , early intervention with essential oils is again warranted.
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Anal sac disease is the most common disease entity of the anal region in dogs. Small breeds are predisposed; large or giant breeds are rarely affected. In cats, the most common form of anal sac disease is impaction. Anal sacs may become impacted, infected, abscessed, or neoplastic.
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